PreciousLand is an Italian DJ/Producer musically characterized by progressive and deep house genres. He started to work as a dj in 1997. Since then, he has been invited by many clubs and now he works for some american and italian web radio. PreciousLand is a DJ/Producer, he makes listening music a key source of inspiration for his songs, stirring all the experience gained over the years as a DJ. He’s a dance music lover and expresses his emotions and feelings through it, playing often on very simple big impact melodies.

Saturday H. 8.00 – 9.00 PM (GMT +2)


Sara Radice Photography

Sara Radice born in Nocera Inferiore (Salerno) May 11, 1988. She is an italian photographer, graphic and videomaker. Sara Radice started her work in 2009s and discovered her passion in photography thanks to her father, passionate in photography. With her first reflex camera (Canon 700D) she started taking pictures at everything. She loves to photograph the details, the macros and shots several videos including music videos.

All that I can see through the camera , it’s something that I’ve never seen before.

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  • Official Website - PreciousLand
  • Official Website - PreciousLand
  • Official Website - PreciousLand
  • Official Website - PreciousLand
  • Official Website - PreciousLand
Imma Fortino Video Director

Imma Fortino is a recent graduate born in Nocera Inferiore on November 17, 1984 with a passion for video directing.
She is the first PreciousLand Music Fan and, out of love, for about a year she began to collaborate with him by writing screenplays for his video clips.

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